T-L Irrigation

Production Sales Company is proud to be a T-L Irrigation dealer. We offer both sales and service on the complete line that T-L Irrigation has to offer. Give us a call today for a quote or to schedule service.

Here are just a few reasons how T-L makes irrigation easier on you...


Located in Hastings, Nebraska for over 50 years, T-L Irrigation Co. has been committed to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction. When surveyed as part of T-L's ISO9001 annual quality audit, 98% of T-L customers said they would buy another T-L system.  T-L systems are backed by a solid Company with competent employees and a history of superior performance.

Dealer Support

T-L dealers are located throughout the United States and in many countries worldwide. We can assist you in the initial design of the system, its installation, and provide post-sale product support. T-L continually provides its dealers with the training, technical information and field support they need to make owning a pivot a pleasure.

GPS Pivot Design

As a T-L dealer, we utilize GPS technology to map each system for the specific location designated. You can see the fit of the pivot from the outset. We will assure the right design, location, components, and sprinkler packages to give you the optimum performance you expect.

Factory Support

T-L's District Sales Managers are regionally located and have the expertise to support dealers in their sales and service efforts. Their mission, with the dealers, is customer satisfaction and effective communication with T-L's manufacturing, engineering and marketing personnel.

Hydrostatically Powered

T-L pivot systems are hydrostatically powered for continuous movement. This design delivers even water or chemical distribution resulting in unmatched irrigation uniformity and improved crop production.  There is no "spoking effect" from the uneven water distribution that comes with electrically driven (start-stop) systems.

No High Voltage

High voltage electricity is non-existent on T-L pivot systems. You will have the peace of mind that everyone can work in and around your T-L pivot safely.

Low Maintenance Costs

T-L Irrigation's pivot systems experience less downtime than competitive brands. Repair and maintenance costs are significantly reduced due to the continuous movement of the hydrostatic drive. The absence of start-stop operation extends gear box life enabling T-L to provide the longest gearbox warranties available: 24,000 hour or 8 years for planetary drives and 16,000 hours or 8 years on worm gear drives. Frequent electrical components repairs, downtime waiting for electricians and excessive drive-train repair costs are not an issue.

Better Management, More Time

Good management is essential to farming success. T-L's simple design and reliability lets you manage your farm instead of being dedicated to irrigating. T-L's reliability gives you the additional peace of mind of knowing it is running. Your complex world is simplified and easier on you. Your family will appreciate your availability, as well.