Proven and Dependable Grain Storage

Two words – PROVEN & DEPENDABLE – best describe the GSI grain storage lineup.  GSI has been a worldwide leader in the grain storage industry for over 40 years.  With global suppliers and a wide selection of products, GSI has all the resources and expertise to provide you with a grain storage system that meets your specific requirements. GSI is the industry leader with the heaviest gauge steel available for sidewalls, a 100mph wind load rating and the fewest weather-related losses in the industry.  Whether you're purchasing a farm bin or a large commercial grain silo, you can count on GSI for quality storage equipment.

Production Sales Company can help you determine the grain bin that is right for your operation.  Whether you want simple storage or a bin that can dry the grain and automatically transfer it to the long-term storage, GSI has the solution.  From 1,600 to 1.2 million bushel capacity, the GSI line of grain bins is designed and engineered to hold up under the most rigorous conditions.

  • 4002 Series – 2.66" corrugation without stiffeners – 15' to 48' diameter
  • 4004 Series – 4.00" corrugation without stiffeners – 15' to 48' diameter
  • 4024 Series – 4.00" corrugation with 2 stiffeners per side panel – 12' to 72' diameter
  • 4022 Series – 2.66" corrugation with 2 stiffeners per side panel – 18' to 60' diameter
  • 4032 Series – 2.66" corrugation with 3 stiffeners per side panel – 21' to 135' diameter

The GSI grain bin includes newly designed roof panels with over-under lap profiles to provide a precise seal.  Side panels are designed to hold up to 70,000 psi minimum with a G90 galvanized finish to increase life and durability. The GSI grain bin has optional wind rings for more support on taller structures, JS500 hardware to protect against rust and a rolled structural base angle to protect against water intrusion.

Some of the most recent upgrades to the GSI grain bin include the Z-Tek roof system (for increased load capacity up to 50,000 pounds), flat-top peak (to support larger material handling equipment) and temperature cable brackets (to support temperature and moisture control cables from any manufacturer).

GSI still offers three (3) choices in aeration flooring with the Cor-Lok, Cut-Lok and Dura-Lok floors.  Two ring walk through doors are standard on every grain bin and the patented Dura-Edge flighting is standard on all unload systems giving you a 30% longer life.

To keep your grain in the best condition, GSI grain bins can be set up with vane axial, centrifugal or in-line centrifugal fans from 1 to 50 horsepower.