KLEENair Vacuum Grain Screener

We have displayed the KLEENair grain screener at the NATIONAL FARM MACHINERY SHOW in Louisville, KY for the past several years.  Visiting with hundreds of grain producers at the show brought to our attention the great amount of confusion regarding the different types of grain cleaners being offered for cleaning grain as it leaves a grain dryer.  For example, the Kongskilde, Farm Fans, Super B, and GSI grain cleaners are ASPIRATOR type cleaners.  An ASPIRATOR sucks air in through the discharging grain column and pulls light fines (like bees wings) in with the air, and then blows them away.  The ASPIRATOR type cleaners do a fairly good job of removing bee's wings, and light fines, but they don't do much about removing fines.  If all you want to do is remove bee's wings, the ASPIRATOR type cleaner may be all you need.

"It helped me control the FM percentage by the rate we fed grain to the Self-Powered KLEENair (from in-bin storage). We wanted to haul 1% FM in and the KLEENair helped us do it."

(Note: we also manufacture a Self-Powered KLEENair with removable screens for cleaning all types of grains).

The KLEENair Vacuum Grain Screener is significantly better and more versatile than the ASPIRATOR type cleaners because of the SCREENING ACTION where the Nylon Tipped, Hanger-Bearing Auger moves the grain across a perforated tube.  The screen and auger are enclosed in a heavy metal hopper which has a vacuum environment inside.  Broken kernels, cracks, splits, fines and bees wings are screened here, drawn out, and blown away by the high-pressure blower.  The fines are totally enclosed from the KLEENair Screener to the final storage area.  This helps keep the area around the dryer clean and free from blowing debris.  We have encountered many grain producers who have purchased ASPIRATOR type cleaners, hoping to clean and remove broken kernels and fines, only to be disappointed since this is a job they cannot do well.

The KLEENair Vacuum Grain Screener was specifically designed to clean fines and bee's wings simultaneously.

The KLEENair Blower is also different than the blower used on other ASPIRATOR type cleaners, in that it moves less volume of air at a higher pressure giving it the ability to transfer the screened product further with less wear on the equipment.