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High Performance Farm Fan Grain Dryers

For over 50 years, Farm Fans has been a trusted name in the grain drying industry. FFI dryers are built tough with the most modern features available for high performance and simplified operation. FFI's worldwide dealership network provides the agriculture industry with unparalleled expertise and support. Their #1 concern is the quality and preservation of your grain.

All FFI PORTABLE dryers feature G165 galvanized, ribbed and perforated sidewalls with solid 16-gauge column dividers every two feet. (Stainless steel perforated outside wall sheets along with stainless steel nuts, bolts and washers are also available.) Two-foot chambers facilitate even grain movement, as well as supplying strength to the dryer without the need for trash collecting angle iron supports inside the grain columns and plenum areas. In addition, all dryers have heavy-duty structural steel base rails for additional support.
Farm Fans also gives each dryer a finishing touch - a durable, powder paint coated finish. One that protects the metal and your investment.

There are over 40 different models in the Farm Fans PORTABLE dryer line to make sure you get the right dryer for your operation. From auto batch to continuous multi-stage, and 200 to 4,000 bushels per hour, Farm Fans has what you need.

FFI also offers a MODULAR TOWER dryer for bin sites with limited space. The MODULAR dryer offers grain inverters, vacuum cooling heat recovery, high quality and more efficient drying. Capacities range from 800 to 1,690 bushels per hour in 5 points dry & cool mode.

For facilities that demand the highest efficiency and capacity, Farm Fans offers the F-SERIES TOWER dryer.  Dry & cool 5 points capacities range from 1,500 - 10,000 bushels per hour. These dryers provide the same design, efficiency and performance as the Zimmerman Tower dryers.  The F-SERIES dryers are available in sizes from 12' to 30' diameter and 54' to 135' tall. The F-SERIES is the best choice for large farms and many commercial operations.

Farm Fans Grain DryersAll Farm Fans dryers are available with VISION Network Controls and are Watch Dog capable.  Boasting the largest touch-screen in the industry and the ability to manage the dryer from afar puts Farm Fans dryers at the head of the pack.

Other components that set the Farm Fans dryers apart include:

  • Patent pending - high efficiency burners for increased efficiency
  • Composite polymer fan blades decrease the starting load and improved efficiency
  • Optimum airflow at 80 CFM
  • High-Low fire cycling maintains an even plenum temperature
  • Air mixers to eliminate hot spots
  • AC Meter Rolls with a VFD avoids time consuming calibration
  • Patented 8" Dura-Edge auger flighting that results in 30% longer life
  • Large grain holding capacity - allows long retention time and better grain quality
  • Reliable, efficient, and available in a variety of models and capacities, Farm Fans grain dryers are the choice for today's demanding drying applications.


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